Supporting achievement of community goals and addressing global inequalities through caring intercultural relationships in Ecuador's Otavalo Canton and Mali's Bandiagara District


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                                                                   2020 Winner

The Eclipse Integrity Awards are presented to organizations demonstrating significant, unique and continuous commitment to trust and fair play in the marketplace and in day-to-day living. The finalists embody support of your BBB’s ideals. These nonprofits demonstrate outstanding community service through their mission and accomplishments, as well as demonstrate excellence in programs and fiscal stewardship. In addition, they operate with integrity through ethical leadership and a strong team and are transparent in their communications. Likewise, they value the power of collaborations/partnerships. Their actions make a positive impact on the vitality and overall health of our community.


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Recent Stories from Tandana's Blog...


Independence through education and determination

Cristina Fuerez and her younger sister Margarita were born and raised in a traditional, mudbrick cabin on a small farm near the village of Panecillo, Ecuador. Small and dark, having only a single room without windows, plumbing or electricity, the house still stands high on a sloping parcel of hillside that their paternal grandfather managed … Continue reading "Independence through education and determination"


Tandana helps provide emergency COVID-19 support in Ningari

This summer, several communities that The Tandana Foundation partners with in Segue-Iré, Mali approached the organization for emergency support related to mitigating the spread of COVID-19, after numerous deaths and several positive cases were confirmed. The following is a report written about how Tandana and the communities worked together to successfully respond to the situation. … Continue reading "Tandana helps provide emergency COVID-19 support in Ningari"


A united front: Tandana’s health care support through COVID-19 in Ecuador

Like in the rest of the world, the threat of COVID-19 has changed the lives of many people in the communities of the Quichinche Parish in Otavalo, Ecuador. From the close communication carried by The Tandana Foundation, directed by Virginia Sánchez (Patient Followup Coordinator), with the staff of the Quichinche and Gualsaqui health centers, it … Continue reading "A united front: Tandana’s health care support through COVID-19 in Ecuador"


Two personal stories illustrate the value of community

By committing to create and nurture intercultural relationships, Tandana recognizes the value of community as a major driving factor of our work. In Ecuador, the stories of two members of Tandana’s staff exemplify the way in which experiencing community -whether new or familiar- provides an incomparable opportunity for growth. Español Français Maria José Arellano Maria … Continue reading "Two personal stories illustrate the value of community"


The impact of Tandana’s COVID-19 response in Mali

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Tandana Foundation has been supporting our community partners in Mali through conducting education about prevention measures, assembling and distributing hand-washing stations, and providing supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to a hospital and local health centers. Members of the Tandana team have also recorded a radio broadcast with public … Continue reading "The impact of Tandana’s COVID-19 response in Mali"