Supporting achievement of community goals and addressing global inequalities through caring intercultural relationships in Ecuador's Otavalo Canton and Mali's Bandiagara District


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                                                                   2020 Winner

The Eclipse Integrity Awards are presented to organizations demonstrating significant, unique and continuous commitment to trust and fair play in the marketplace and in day-to-day living. The finalists embody support of your BBB’s ideals. These nonprofits demonstrate outstanding community service through their mission and accomplishments, as well as demonstrate excellence in programs and fiscal stewardship. In addition, they operate with integrity through ethical leadership and a strong team and are transparent in their communications. Likewise, they value the power of collaborations/partnerships. Their actions make a positive impact on the vitality and overall health of our community.


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A scholarship student successfully tackles a challenging semester of remote learning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schooling in Ecuador switched to virtual formats. Students like Amauta Condorazo Quilumbango Espinosa, a Tandana Foundation scholarship recipient, had to adapt to this new way of learning. In the following letter, Amauta describes a recent semester at his university, including the courses he took and how he took advantage of … Continue reading "A scholarship student successfully tackles a challenging semester of remote learning"


A strong family committed to higher education and changing lives

When their youngest son, David, was five, the Cachimuel family moved to the Cotama indigenous community just outside of Otavalo. He played baseball and soccer with friends and swam in the nearby river. The river – at that time crystal clear, but now seriously polluted by a factory – flows out of San Pablo Lake … Continue reading "A strong family committed to higher education and changing lives"


Healthcare in Otavalo Canton, Ecuador

As a public health professional, I have always been interested in health care systems in Latin America, specifically with a focus on health disparities. I have volunteered most of my life, while working full-time. I enjoy volunteering and have done so for many years. I had stopped for a while to reflect on my next … Continue reading "Healthcare in Otavalo Canton, Ecuador"


A dream come true: clean water in the community of Gualapuro

After many decades, clean water finally arrived in the community of Gualapuro, Ecuador. The following blog describes the long-time efforts to bring water to this community, including the partnership with The Tandana Foundation. English Français Un sueño hecho realidad: Agua limpia llega a la comunidad de Gualapuro Después de muchas décadas, finalmente llegó el agua … Continue reading "A dream come true: clean water in the community of Gualapuro"


Dogon dancing: an unforgettable experience

On April 10, The Tandana Foundation will be hosting a virtual venture exploring Dogon dancing and drumming in the Bandiagara district of Mali. Carol Peddie, Kelly McCosh, and Marilyn and Jack Krueger had the chance to experience the warm embrace of Dogon culture firsthand during Tandana’s 2012 trip to visit the villages of Kansongo and … Continue reading "Dogon dancing: an unforgettable experience"