Join Hands with Tandana in Otavalo, Ecuador, or from anywhere in the world!

Go beyond your typical travel or volunteer experience on a "Trip with Intention" with us to highland Ecuador. These trips provide individuals and groups an exciting opportunity to connect with community members and contribute to their projects - all the while learning about the local Kichwa culture and enjoying the region’s majestic natural beauty. We also offer remote opportunities from the comfort of your own home to learn about Ecuador and Mali.


Trips with Intention to Ecuador:


Remote Opportunities:

Remote Connection

A variety of ways for your class, group, or club to connect online with Tandana

partners in Ecuador and Mali such as Cultural Activities, Speakers Bureau, and more.

"You will go home absolutely overwhelmed by what you saw, who you met, what you've learned, and how your heart has expanded. You will be inspired to exceed your own expectations of yourself." - Jim, volunteer from Montana



Join Tandana on an adventure of a lifetime! We offer open-enrollment volunteer programs for adults or families as well as custom group volunteer programs for all ages. These trips bring together diverse individuals united by a desire to learn, grow, share, and contribute to the communities they visit. They provide opportunities to experience life in Ecuadorian communities; exchange ideas with locals of different perspectives, ages, and vocations; and give and receive joy.  

Did you know that your trip with Tandana is a net zero-emission trip? Click External link opens in new tab or windowhere for more details.

The results are in! After taking a brief post-program survey:

90% of respondents say that they would participate in a Tandana program again.


96% of respondents say that they would recommend a Tandana program to others.


97% of respondents say that they feel that this experience has helped them grow in a positive way.

For a taste of what our trips are like, watch this short video...

Below you can read stories from our blog to get excited about your upcoming trip!


Tandana hosts virtual tour of completed Tangali school projects

So they could see the impact of their work, several volunteer groups who participated in trips organized by The Tandana Foundation were invited to take a virtual tour of the flourishing school garden in Tangali, Ecuador. Español Français Ten volunteers from Ohio Master Gardeners and Trip With Intention groups participated live in the virtual tour … Continue reading "Tandana hosts virtual tour of completed Tangali school projects"


Tandana reunions and new beginnings

Twenty years have passed since I first climbed up the bumpy roads into the colinas surrounding Otavalo with my Traveling School classmates and teachers, including Anna Taft, in whom ideas of what would become Tandana were beginning. Though it was many years past now, I still remember the community spirit of the minga in which we participated to improve … Continue reading "Tandana reunions and new beginnings"


From expectations to goodbyes, all about Purcell Marian’s volunteer trip to Ecuador

When our small group of Purcell Marian high school students stepped off the plane at Quito Airport, none of us knew what to expect. We were all a little bit nervous – many of us had never left the US before – and everyone was worried about making a good impression. How would we communicate … Continue reading "From expectations to goodbyes, all about Purcell Marian’s volunteer trip to Ecuador"


Kind people, meaningful work, my unforgettable trip to Ecuador

Our experience in the region in and around Otavalo, Ecuador with The Tandana Foundation was nothing short of incredible. From the first moment that we touched down in Quito, Kuri and Omar, Tandana staff and our guides for the trip, were there to welcome us to Ecuador and accompany us on our bus ride to … Continue reading "Kind people, meaningful work, my unforgettable trip to Ecuador"


Community Health Advocacy: Empowering Indigenous Healthcare with The Tandana Foundation

My name is Emma Howes, and I am fortunate enough to have collaborated with The Tandana Foundation over the last year and a half in the process of completing the research component of my doctoral program. I am a student completing a Ph.D. in International Psychology, a subfield of psychology that highlights culture as the … Continue reading "Community Health Advocacy: Empowering Indigenous Healthcare with The Tandana Foundation"