There are many ways that you could get involved in fundraising or just getting the word out about The Tandana Foundation from home. Below you will find just a few:

-Holding a house party is an excellent way to spread the word about your experience with Tandana. You can invite over some of your closest friends and ask them to bring a friend. It's a fun and comfortable atmosphere to learn more about Tandana and engage those who might be interested if exposed to our philosophy and ideas. See the House Party Guide below for specific instructions to make it easier for you.

House Party Guide This House Party Guide will take all the guesswork out of planning an event to raise money for Tandana.

-Give a presentation in your community about Tandana and your experiences or the reasons you support the organization.

-Hold a bake sale, craft sale, spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast, read-a-thon, race, concert, or other event and donate the proceeds to Tandana.

-Run a 5K or participate in another challenging event and collect donations to Tandana in honor of your effort.

-Instead of a holiday or birthday gift for a friend or family member, give a donation to Tandana or ask that others give a donation to Tandana as a gift.  You can do this in person, if you have a party, or online using a Facebook Fundraiser.

-Suggest Tandana to other charitable organizations that might be a source of funding for us, such as a community organization or church or family foundation in your hometown.

-Share stories from our Blog, Facebook and YouTube with your friends.  Tell them why this work is important to you and ask them to consider donating.

-We’re always looking for new friends! Send us five names of people you know who would be interested in learning more about Tandana and our work. Or, forward an email about Tandana’s work to ten people you know who would be interested.

-Purchase alternative holiday gifts at our store – we have t-shirts, hand-embroidered items, an Ecuadorian cookbook and more!

-Do you know organizations or groups who would like to take a group to Ecuador? We create custom programs for all kinds of groups – middle- and high-schoolers, college students, hospitals, gardeners and others. Suggest Tandana’s customized programs to them or send their contact information to and we’ll contact them to see how we can work together.

Some examples of what others have done: