HCVV Training

During our health care work, we divide up the necessary roles among the volunteers.  Some roles require specific credentials, such as Provider or Dentist, but other roles are easy for a willing volunteer to learn.  You will choose or be assigned to a specific role for the whole week, so that you can become expert at that role.  The people in each role work together to set up their station each day. 

Roles Overview Video

Stations Flowchart

Training Videos on using the Electronic Medical Records System

  • This will be a member of the Tandana staff

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  • Requires good Spanish communication skills
  • Requires ability to match patient names to previous records
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  • An easy role to learn
  • Lots of interaction with patients
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Provider Assistant
  • Great for people who are interested in medicine
  • Requires paying attention to what's going on and helping things move efficiently
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  • Licensed MDs, PAs, and NPs
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  • Requires fluency in Spanish and English
  • Knowledge of Kichwa is a bonus
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Vision Screening
  • An easy role to learn
  • One member of the vision team needs conversational Spanish
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Dental Assistant
  • Requires attention to detail in entering data into the EMR system
  • Busy station
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How to Set Up
  • Licensed dentists
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  • Good role for nurses, lab techs, or other people with some medical background
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Pediatric Checkups
  • Good role for a nurse, or providers can take turns, if there are enough providers
  • Another volunteer is important to organize the kids and assist with the process
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  • Good role for people who are precise and detail-oriented
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IT Specialist
  • Good role for someone with basic knowledge of networking and simple software
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You can also download detailed instructions sheets here:

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